Improving my new 3D-printer

After three years of frequent operation, I decided to replace my Anet A6 3D-printer with the new Creality CR-10s Pro. I must say I’m very happy with this new machine in my shack: it’s easy to operate, the print quality is outstanding and the print volume of 30x30x40cm is very convenient. But… like all 3D printers this one also has a few things ready for improvement; this article describes the modifications I applied to my printer.

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Replacement filler for desktop charger


Charger with filler in forward position and handy inserted.

Adrian PA0RDA bought a second-hand desktop charger for his Icom IC-92E handy. This charger (Icom BC-139) normally comes with a filler, allowing you to place the complete handy into the charger or just the battery. By flipping the filler a perfect fit is guaranteed in both ways. However, in this case the filler was missing, resulting in a non-functional desktop charger. Since this part is not sold separately I offered him to design and print a replacement filler. — more →

Restauration of my Hy-Gain AV-12AVQ


Fieldday setup of the revised AV-12AVQ antenna

After more than 40 years of service of my Hy-Gain AV-12AVQ groundplane antenna, of which 25 years on top of an apartment building at about 100 feet, Ernest PA3HCM and I decided that it was time for some refurbishing. The plastic parts were partly broken and others suffered from the heavy conditions the antenna had experienced. — more →