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  • http://toroids.info/ – Information on many popular toroids, very useful when winding your own inductors or IF-transformers.

Dutch radio clubs


Shops in the Netherlands that sell ham radio stuff:

German shops:

Shops in other countries:


  1. Hello and thank you for all this information in your page.
    I am going to be temporarily 2 years in Holland Den Helder and Vlissingen.
    I now there is a small shop of ham radio goods in Julianadorp wen i am going to Den Helder but do you now of any shop in the area of Vlissingen?

    I love QRP my actual radio is the uBITX .

    73 de CT7ARQ Pedro Almeida

    • There aren’t that many ham shops any more in the Netherlands. For gear you might go to JBE in Breda, Hamshop in Maarssen or Venhorst in Hilversum. For parts and military radios go to Baco Army Goods in IJmuiden or order online at e.g. Conrad.nl or one of those chinese web shops.

  2. I will be in Maastricht all of July. Can you please give me info on two meter repeaters there?
    I may bring my HT.

    • Sorry, but I don’t live in that area, so I don’t know what the best options are for Maastricht. You may try PI3ZLB 145.725, shift -600kHz, CTCSS 71.9 or 1750 beep to open.

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