About this website

Amateur radio, also known as “Ham Radio”, is a practical application of my interest and study in (RF) electronics. For those who don’t know ham radio (yet): it is a legal way to experiment with radio communications, e.g. you are allowed to build and operate transmitters. For me ham radio means learning, home brewing, experimenting, contesting, practising Morse code, chatting, camping, improvising, creating, reading, programming, and (above all) having lots of fun. Some people say ham radio was the first social network. Whatever it is, I could put all my spare time in this great hobby.


This is my personal place on the web, meant to share my love for ham radio with anyone who’s interested, and to share my designs and ideas with the worldwide ham radio community.

If you would like to learn more about ham radio, I suggest you first read this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radio.

Feel free to comment on my posts, or to send me an email if you have any feedback on this website; simply hit the “Contact” button in the top menu and fill out the form.

Some content of my previous website is not migrated, especially all content related to scuba diving and holiday reports. This information is still available in the old format at www.pa3hcm.nl/static.

Credits go to Adrian PA0RDA for reviewing my content.