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CLI for dutch water data

Here in the Netherlands we have a public organisation named Rijkswaterstaat. This organization keeps track of all the water in and around our country. Think about sea levels, locks in rivers, etc. To do so they have an extensive network…

CLog 1.2: maintenance release


There is a small but consistent group of users of my command line logbook software named ‘CLog’. The project has been hibernating for some years, however thanks to some user questions and issues I recently released version 1.2 (and today…

CLog transferred to GitHub


Recently I have transferred the CLog software to my GitHub repository. I’m currently centralizing my code at GitHub since I wanted to get rid of (my previous repository for CLog) and prefer GitHub nowadays.

CLog 0.9b released


Today I released CLog version 0.9b, the command-line hamradio logbook. Although still beta, the software appears to be reliable now, even when used in multi-operator contests. These are the changes in CLog 0.9b: