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Ecowither: logging Ecowitt weather data to InfluxDB

Last summer my old WS2300 weather station finally gave up, after 15 years of service. So I bought a new one, the Waldbeck Halley Professional Weather Station (also known as WH2650A-WIFI6C6F). This device can log some data (basic outdoor measurements)…

CLog transferred to GitHub


Recently I have transferred the CLog software to my GitHub repository. I’m currently centralizing my code at GitHub since I wanted to get rid of (my previous repository for CLog) and prefer GitHub nowadays.

CLog 0.9b released


Today I released CLog version 0.9b, the command-line hamradio logbook. Although still beta, the software appears to be reliable now, even when used in multi-operator contests. These are the changes in CLog 0.9b: