CLog 0.10b released, introducing Cabrillo support


Today I released version 0.10b of my command line logbook called ‘CLog’. This version introduces Cabrillo 2.0/3.0 export functionality.

Nowadays most contest managers allow you to submit your contest log in the Cabrillo log file format. There are two versions used: 2.0 and 3.0. Check out which version is used for your contest before starting the export.

To create a Cabrillo v2.0 export, first verify the column configuration. Each contest uses different columns in the Cabrillo file. You can define this in your .clogrc file. Here is an example:

export_cabrillo_columns = freq mode qso_date qso_time mycall mylocator callsign grid

I included some examples in the included example.clogrc file. After configuring the columns you can run the export. For a v2.0 export you run this command:

clog export_cab2

or run this for v3.0:

clog export_cab3

The export is dumped to STDOUT. Of course you can redirect this to a file, e.g.:

clog export_cab3 > pa3hcm.cbr

After exporting you must edit the file, since you have to fill out the summary sheet (name, address, contest class, etc…). Also, CLog does and will not calculate your score.

For details on upgrading please read the included README file. If you upgrade from 0.9b this is very easy, since there are no changes in the data model (database). You still want to compare your current .clogrc with the included example.clogrc to find out the new options.

Details on the Cabrillo formats can be found here:

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