CLog 0.9b released


Today I released CLog version 0.9b, the command-line hamradio logbook. Although still beta, the software appears to be reliable now, even when used in multi-operator contests.

These are the changes in CLog 0.9b:

  • Added export_html feature to generate an HTML formatted table. The output can be formatted by using the ‘export_html_columns’ setting, see the included example.clogrc for more information.
  • Added the OPERATOR field to the ADIF export, it will include the ‘mycall’ field.
  • Maximum length of callsigns extended from 12 to 32, since some special event stations sometimes like to use remarkable long callsigns (e.g. ON65SUSKEENWISKE).
  • Updated some information in the clog(1) manpage.
  • Small textual fixes in ‘clog show’ and example.clogrc.

Download CLog 0.9 from

Special thanks to Adrian PA0RDA for all tests and suggestions.

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