CLog 1.2: maintenance release


There is a small but consistent group of users of my command line logbook software named ‘CLog’. The project has been hibernating for some years, however thanks to some user questions and issues I recently released version 1.2 (and today 1.2.1) of this logbook.

If you don’t maintain code, it breaks sooner or later. That is what actually happened to CLog as well: warnings and errors started popping up when running it on a modern version of Perl, MariaDB, Linux or whatever you use. So this new release is merely a maintenance release, fixing such issues.

One of the issues was that CLog couldn’t load the country file cty.dat anymore. To fix this, the database schema has to be updated as well. So when upgrading from a previous release, please run clog dbupgrade afterwards.

Although there is no new features planned on CLog, I hope this release will expand its life cycle for the small but enthusiastic user base. Enjoy!

Clog is on GitHub:

Download CLog 1.2.1:

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