First preparations for the PACC 2012

We had some nice weather in the last weekend of October, so I went into the corn field to do some long walks: setting up the new beverages (length: 80m each) and the HEDZ. We bought some new, higher poles this summer for the HEDZ, the center pole will be almost 15m tall now. The poles are not erected yet, but I was on my own that weekend while I need 2 or 3 people to get the poles up.

What are the plans for PACC 2012? Well, we will set up all antennas of 2011 and add some new ones. We built 2 beverages during the REC fielddays, which will be used in the contest now. And we will build a small array of verticals for 10m, since it will be likely to have some propagation on that band during the contest.

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