First antennas placed


This year Adrian PA0RDA and I hope to be back in the PACC contest. Our main goal is always to improve our own score, combined with having lots of fun on the bands and test our homebrewn antennas. This will be the antenna setup for PACC 2014:

  • 10m: monoband J-antenna
  • 15m: monoband J-antenna
  • 20m: monoband 5/8 vertical
  • 40m: monoband 1/4 vertical
  • 80m: zepp (new!)
  • 80/160m: half extended double zepp
  • Beverages to Southeast Asia and Australia (not sure yet)

In the last week of October I met the farmer (owner of the cornfield next to my house) and he told me that we can use the field again. We are very thankfull to him, without his cornfield we wouldn’t be able to join the contest the way we prefer!

I started building the first antennas, the J-poles for 10 and 15m are already in place now, and the first pole for the HEDZ is placed. More antennas will appear in the upcoming weeks.

Meanwhile we will have to discuss whether we will participate again in the Multi-Single category (D), or switch to the new Multi-Two category (D1).

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