First ATV transmission

My first 23cm ATV transmission (camera output with text overlay), received by PI6ATV.

I’m working on a 23cm ATV transmitter. A couple of years ago I already bought some modules from PE1ACB: a baseband modulator, a 23cm ATV transmitter (output 1 watt) and a controller unit. Today I hooked up all modules, together with a title generator, a camera and a HB9CV antenna for 23cm. When powering on, I was able to transmit/uplink to the local ATV-repeater PI6ATV and see the result at the repeater’s output  at 10 GHz.

Since everything seems to work correctly, my next job is to put all modules into a single case, with a nice front panel providing easy to use controls and connectors.

Some pictures of this test are down here:

Test setup of my 23cm ATV equipment, including the antenna pointing at the PI6ATV repeater.
To test my 23cm ATV transmitter modules, I hooked up my homebrew 23cm HB9CV antenna into some christmas decoration hanging before our window.
My first 23cm ATV transmission (output of text generator), received by PI6ATV.

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