Arrow antenna



The arrow antenna is a popular antenna for using FM transponders on satellites. These satellites have a uplink on the 2m band, and a downlink on 70cm. You can operate those satellites with a simple dualband handheld radio.


DK7ZB has a range of very interesting antenna designs. I picked the 3 element yagi for 144 MHz and the 6 element for 433 MHz.


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  1. Thank you for your contribution to the HAM radio “fraternity”
    The most exciting part of Amateur Radio for me is propagation and building and experimenting with antennas. Your site is an excellent resource as well are the links you have provided. It has been many years since I have worked the LEO Sats and weak signal work. I had quite the setup before moving to Iowa 8 years ago and there are very few HAMs out here where I live in Iowa. The couple HAMs that live in my area are into the 2 meter and 432 Mhz weak signal work. They are experts at building antennas and they turned me on to your site. One is currently working on a 6 meter Squalo which I will also build. One of my next projects will be a 2/70cm arrow like yours shown for LEO Sat work. I have a KLM 22-CP new in the box to build and am going to buy two 16 element 432 MHz yagis co-phased from one of the antenna builder fellows out here. Next I will build a pair of co-phased 2 meter LFA yagis. Thanks again and 73 DE N6KYD

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