ATV transmitter for 23cm

Front view of my fully assembled 23cm ATV transmitter.

Although I was already able to receive the local ATV repeater PI6ATV, it has been a wish for about 8 years to be able to uplink too. So I once bought a couple of modules from PE1ACB that would allow me to do so. However, due to lack of time and other priorities the modules lost my attention and ended up on some shelf. Since I started my new job I have more spare time, which I spend (among other things) on this fantastic hamradio hobby. So then I remembered those modules. I designed a front panel and bought a case, switches and connectors.


These are the modules I bought in 2006:

  • P60 v3 – 23cm FM ATV transmitter;
  • P52 – baseband modulator with 2 PLL locked audio subcarriers;
  • P67 – controller with LCD display for the other modules.
Test setup of my 23cm ATV equipment, including the antenna pointing at the PI6ATV repeater.

The first thing to do was testing the modules. So I connected the modules to each other, attached an antenna and camera, and powered up the system. I pointed the antenna to the ATV repeater, and saw my own picture at the output signal. So everything seemed to work! Next I bought a nice case to put in these modules, and some related stuff like connectors and potmeters. One of the issues is creating a nice front. This is the way I do it: I print the design on a self-adhesive label, stick this on the (drilled) metal front, and protect it by covering it with book foil (in the Netherlands also known as “Boeklon”). Then I use a sharp knife to cut out the holes of the label and foil. Making fronts this way is easy and cheap, with great result. The downside is that the paper will color a bit over the years, but I don’t care too much about that. To connect all audio and video signals I used thin teflon coax. This might sound a bit expensive, but you will need just 1 meter, and you don’t have to worry about shortened wires; the isolation will survive all soldering.


  1. bonjour monsieur je suis interresse par votre Émetteur ATV pour 23cm . comment puis je me le procurer pour mon projet accademic merci

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