Summary of our 2014 PACC contest


Adrian PA0RDA operating his Kenwood TS-2000

Another PACC contest for me and Adrian PA0RDA. This year we participated in the D1 multi-operator two-transmitter class for the first time. We did a very good job, we improved our own score, again, which is always our main goal (besides having fun). The weather conditions were rather poor again, we had lots of wind during the contest. Luckely all our antennas survived this time, even with a really strong gust of 40 m/s!

This is our summary of the contest:

Band Qso Dup Point Mult Score
160m 53 1 52 14
80m 67 1 66 17
40m 266 9 257 43
20m 295 6 289 52
15m 215 9 206 35
10m 70 1 69 21
Total 966 27 939 182 170898

So 939 valid QSO’s and 182 multipliers make 170898 points. Note that this is our claimed score, the final score will be announced by the contest manager somewhere during the summer season.

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