PC6REC ATV station

PC6REC ATV station during the REC Fielddays 2014.

During the 2014 edition of the REC Fielddays I facilitated a live videofeed,  broadcasted throughout the Netherlands. Using three cameras and a bunch of (mostly) vintage hardware, the live stream was uplinked to the local ATV repeater PI6ATV. Viewers could witness all activity on the field to get a glimpse of this annual event.

I made this video impression of the station:

Receive station:

  • Modified Chapparal LNB with 40cm dish antenna
  • Amstrad SRX-200 satellite receiver
  • TV to view the received signal

Transmit station:

  • 3 Analog video cameras
  • Akai AV-U8 video switch
  • JVC JX-T66 title generator
  • Homebrew test pattern generator
  • Akai SS-V5 video switch
  • Akai PS-V20E video processor
  • Homebrew 23cm 1 watt ATV transmitter
  • TV to monitor output signal
  • Behringer Xenyx 1202FX audio mixer
  • Philips SBC MD650 microphone
  • Laptop with MediaMonkey and 1.2 GB music, MP3 format, CC licensed
  • 25 element yagi antenna

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